Overbearing Password-Guessing Games : the password game

The Password Game is a web-based game that challenges players to create the most uncrackable password possible by following a series of increasingly absurd and difficult rules. The game, created by Neal Agarwal, a creative coder who makes interactive websites and games, was released on June 27, 2023 and quickly went viral on social media. The game starts with simple requirements such as adding a number, an uppercase letter, and a special character, but soon escalates to puzzles involving math, Roman numerals, emoji, geography, chess, physics, biology, and more.

The Password Game is one of the many projects that Agarwal showcases on his website, Neal.Fun, which features a variety of quirky and educational games and experiments. The Password Game is free to play and does not require any installation or registration. Players can access the game through any browser by visiting the dedicated website from Neal Fun. The game does not have a fixed end point, but rather keeps adding new rules until the player gives up or runs out of space in the text box. According to Agarwal’s Twitter account, some players have managed to beat the game, but it is not clear how many rules they had to follow or what their final password was.

Image Credit: Neal Agarwal

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