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Schick, a razor and personal care brand, launched a men-targeted campaign earlier this month called ‘Pursue Your Passions.’ The initiative builds on an existing campaign called ‘Be You. No One Else Can.’ which portrays “real men with quirks, flaws, passions, and everything else that makes them who they are.”

The ‘Purse Your Passions’ contest builds on a recent survey by Schick which revealed that 8 out of 10 Canadian men have neglected their hobbies, mainly due to financial constraints. The collected data also highlights that men feel underrepresented in contemporary advertising, with only 24% seeing themselves reflected and 73% believing that ads present unrealistic depictions of men.

To participate in the men-targeted campaign, one needs to follow Schick’s Instagram account and share a video of their passion. The contest offers four cash prizes of $5,000 each

Image Credit: Schick

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