Gin-Fueled Human Chatbots : Chat G&T

Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT are transforming marketing and revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers, but instead of turning to AI, Hendrick’s debuted Chat G&T to answer questions on an Instagram livestream.

This human-powered chatbot was intentionally made to be “wildly inefficient” and “admittedly flawed,” and it celebrated, rather than diminished, the qualities of being human. “We want to remind people that often the best parts of life lie not in conveniences, but instead come from the unpredictable, the puzzling and the magical experience of two or more real-life human beings building a relationship,” Michael Giardina, vice president of marketing in the US for parent company William Grant & Sons, told Adweek.

The human chatbot, Elliot, sang songs, recited poems and answered a variety of questions from the audience ranging from silly to existential.

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