Unfiltered Beauty Campaigns : NoFilterJustMilani

Beauty brands are taking a stand against unrealistic beauty standards by launching anti-filter campaigns, with Milani’s #NoFilterJustMilani leading the charge. With this campaign, the brand recognizes that “As the line between real life and the digital world continues to blur, there is non-stop pressure to curate a flawless online persona.”

This authentic beauty campaign features Milani Makers, some of the brand’s biggest fans, who show their unretouched skin online and in real life using the brand’s Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer.

Social media users and beauty consumers are increasingly exposed to digital retouching, face-altering apps and filters, which can create unrealistic beauty standards and negatively impact self-esteem. While these technologies can be fun and creative, beauty campaigns like this one remind of their potential effects and the pressure to appear “perfect.”

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