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‘Bluesky’ is a decentralized social app that initially began as a project within Twitter but has since spun off into a unique social media project that is currently being made available as an invite-only beta app, but is listed on the App Store.

Backed by none other than Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, the ‘Bluesky’ social app makes use of an Authenticated Transfer Protocol, which means it essentially relies on open-source protocols.

The ‘Bluesky’ social app allows users to publish posts comprising up to 256 characters as well as photos. Users can follow other profiles and view their posts and updates on their timeline. One of the useful features of this social app is a section that suggests people to follow, as well as a feed that is dedicated to updates from Bluesky itself. The app also allows users to view their notifications, likes, follows and replies.

Still in beta testing mode, early impressions of ‘Bluesky’ are that it offers a user experience that is similar to Twitter in many ways, albeit with a decentralized protocol.

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