AI-Powered Beauty Filters : tiktok bold glamour

Beauty filters are becoming more and more realistic on social media, as evidenced by the viral new TikTok Bold Glamour filter, which uses machine learning to automatically edit users’ facial features. This hyper-realistic beauty filter is strikingly seamless and it stands out from beauty filters of the past, which often glitched if an object passed in front of the face. TikTok’s Bold Glamour filer represents the next generation of beauty filters by giving users the ability to move and gesticulate on-screen without revealing that they are using a filter.

This beauty filter makes several changes, giving faces shown on social media the appearance of higher cheekbones, thinner noses, fuller lips and sculpted eyebrows.

One pro of using beauty filters is that they can enhance one’s appearance and boost self-confidence, and save time that would ordinarily be spend applying makeup. However, they can create unrealistic beauty standards and promote negative body image.

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