Unique Artisans Sneakers : NOVELLA

A new premium sneaker brand is set to hit the market and it goes by the name NOVELLA. What sets NOVELLA apart is that the story of unique artisans inspires each sneaker design. NOVELLA manufactures each sneaker in small runs to honor the make and craft of each shoe with a personal story. The brand releases only 2020 pairs of sneakers, similar to how works of art are numbered in few numbers, to make each release unique and exclusive.

NOVELLA has worked with notable agencies within the footwear design and production space to bring the brand to life, including Two Things for Strategy and Brand Design, Studio Noyes for Footwear Design, and Atypikal for Marketing and Story Production.

The brand’s debut collection, Chapter 1, features three different verses inspired by three artisans and will be available on the brand’s website starting March 2, 2023. The Verses will retail for $385, and the Preface will retail for $370. NOVELLA is the perfect brand for those who want to stand out with unique, exclusive, and beautifully crafted sneakers.

Image Credit: NOVELLA

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