Ultra-Hydrating Coconut Waters : Organic Coconut Water

The Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water With Aloe Pulp is an ultra-hydrating refreshment that harnesses the benefits of both namesake ingredients for impressive results. The drink is formulated with freshly harvested coconut water along with aloe vera that work together to offer great hydration results. Featuring no added sugar, the drink is packed with naturally occurring electrolytes, has been minimally processed to maintain its flavor and is lightly pink due to the reaction of the natural ingredients with light.

Vice President of Innovation at Harmless Harvest spoke on the Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water With Aloe Pulp drink saying, “We’re confident that the benefits of aloe vera pulp coupled with Harmless Harvest’s great tasting organic coconut water base will excite our customers and address the demand for a better-for-you option in the functional beverage space.”

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