Tech-Savvy Soda Makers : SodaStream E-Terra

The SodaStream E-TERRA sparkling water maker is one of the latest hardware options from the PepsiCo-Owned brand that prioritizes ease of use with a tech-infused interface.

The soda appliance features a sleek construction that will carbonate water to one of three different levels with the press of a single button and is accented by a blue atmosphere light. This will illuminate the bottle as it’s carbonated to create something of a light show for the user to enjoy as they sparkle their water. The unit also features LEDs in the buttons to help users intuitively activate the functionality according to their needs.

The SodaStream E-TERRA sparkling water maker is compatible for use carbonating one-liter and 0.5-liter BPA-free bottles of water to make it great for at-home or out of the house enjoyment.

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