Style-Matching Monitor Supports : monitor arms

The Fellows Rising monitor arms are a series of style-conscious accessories for computer users to pair with their existing tech products as a way to prioritize ergonomics and more.

The monitor accessories are capable of being clamped onto an existing desktop where they will provide 16 different configuration options to put the peripheral at the right level. The mount comes backed by a lifetime warranty and comes in a wide range of color and finish options to choose from, which will elevate the aesthetic appearance of an office or at-home workstation.

President and CEO John Fellowes spoke on the Fellows Rising monitor arms saying, “With the rise of sit and stand desks, multiple monitor setups, hoteling stations and other diverse workspace configurations, Rising is the perfect tool to bring improved functionality to any space, while offering best-in-class design, flexibility and adjustability. In essence, we have transformed the arm from just a utilitarian piece of office equipment into an integral part of a workspace.”

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