Raw Anti-Inflammatory Juice Shots : EXALT Juice Shots

These new EXALT Juice Shots are being launched in the UK to help consumers achieve better recovery and performance thanks to the anti-inflammatory ingredients in each serving.

The shots come in two varieties including Tur-Mericle and Ginger Ninja, which feature 730mg of cur cumin and 18-grams of organic ginger, respectively. The shots also feature additional beneficial ingredients that are perfect for further increasing the functional nature of every dose. The shots are characterized by their fresh profile that prioritizes raw ingredients to help consumers enjoy their benefits in a more potent manner.

Co-Founder Charlie Wilson-Vaughan spoke on the EXALT Juice Shots saying, “We are immensely proud to have added the raw, fresh, juice performance shots to our expanding range. The concentration of active ingredients is much higher than in most of the current shots on the market. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of the range whether you’re a professional or everyday athlete or, like many of us, a time-poor super mum or dad – it’s the ultimate health kick.”

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