Pre-Bonded Adhesive Lashes : ImPress Press-On Falsies

The KISS ImPress Press-On Falsies are the latest addition to the brand’s product lineup that’s perfect for consumers to use as a way to elevate their favorite looks.

The false eyelashes feature a pre-bonded lash technology that doesn’t require glue to be applied and will hold on for up to 24-hours. The product can be used in three cluster styles to choose from including natural, spiky and voluminous to help consumers pick the look that works best for them. The product comes with 20 pre-bonded clusters per pack that will support two to three applications, depending.

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Annette DeVita-Goldstein spoke on the KISS ImPress Press-On Falsies saying, “We are excited to bring the same innovation that transformed the nail category into the false lash category. The imPress brand’s breakthrough press-on technology makes false lash application effortless. It’s another industry game-changer from Kiss.”

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