Hidden Produce Markets : Secret KIND Farmers Market

KIND Snacks is collaborating with Padma Lakshmi, its first-ever KIND Culinary Partner, on a Secret KIND Farmers Market that’s stocked with nutritious products and ready to share the education people need to make informed food choices. This hidden market will be debuting in two cities, New York City and Houston, and it invites visitors to shop fresh, whole ingredients free of charge.

With its Secret Farmers Market, KIND Snacks is bringing one of America’s biggest hidden health issues to light. According to KIND Snacks, “Low intake of recommended foods – like nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables – is one of the biggest public health concerns in the United States when it comes to nutrition.”

For a limited time, guests will also get to experience the Padma’s KIN Kitchen pop-up featuring dishes created by Padma Lakshmi.

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