Gaming PC Partnerships : excel esports x pcspecialist

EXCEL ESPORTS announced a new two-year partnership with the custom PC builder brand ‘PCSpecialist.’ This partnership will see PCSpecialist as the official PC hardware provider for EXCEL ESPORTS events and players over the next two years. Additionally, EXCEL ESPORTS players’ jerseys will feature PCSpecialist branding, effectively advertising the high-end PC brand passively.

EXCEL ESPORTS will receive a suite of new high-end PCs at its London and Berlin headquarters locations, marking the fifth high-profile partnership from the esports organization in the past year. Sha Rasti, the Head of Partnerships at EXCEL ESPORTS, stated: “We are excited to announce PCSpecialist as our new Official Gaming PC Partner. Having access to high-performance custom computers and laptops is an essential part of any esports organization.”

Image Credit: EXCEL ESPORTS, PCSpecialist

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