Expertly Blended Caribbean Spirits : BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced rum

The BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced rum is the latest addition to the brand’s product portfolio that’s perfect for consumers to add into their bar when looking to craft premium cocktails from home this spring and summer.

The spirit features a base of aged rum that has been blended with spices, coconut water, pineapple and coconut blossom to make it ideal for a range of cocktail recipes. The versatile spirit is crafted with all occasions in mind to help amateur or avid mixologists create the best-quality drinks whenever the mood strikes.

Global Brand Ambassador Dickie Cullimore commented on the BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced rum saying, “Understanding this desire was key in creating BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced and ensuring the flavours and aged rum quality were intensified to deliver the best craftmanship and taste.”

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