Co-Branded Daylight Savings Giveaways : Klondike & Instacart

In anticipation of Daylight Savings, Klondike and Instacart have partnered to give fans the hour lost due to daylight saving time back, encouraging them to prioritize more moments of fun and enjoy a sweet treat like a Klondike Cone. Fans can share what they would do to clear grocery shopping off their to-do list in exchange for a chance to win a one-year Instacart+ membership to help tackle their grocery list. Winners will also receive a coupon to try the new & improved Klondike Cones.

To enter for a chance to win, fans can head to Klondike’s Instagram giveaway post and comment what they would do from March 6 to March 12. The winners will get an Instacart+ membership in the form of a digital gift card, which offers free delivery on groceries and more, reduced service fees, and even the ability to share their subscription.

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