Branded Acceptance Artist Collabs : Promote Acceptance

Amex Canada partners with Anishinaabe artist Blake Angeconeb to create custom signage promoting acceptance for Canadian businesses. The physical and digital welcome signage, based on Angeconeb’s own interpretation of the “Always Welcome” message, features the mythical thunderbird, a powerful symbol in Indigenous history and culture that represents strength and protection. The design aims to incorporate themes of unity and connectedness.

The new designs are part of the global expansion of Amex’s “Artist Series,” which partners with local artists around the world to create a collection of complimentary signage inspired by the phrase “Always Welcome: Proudly Backing Our Community Together.” Amex merchants in Canada can now order the custom signage online for free, with designs available for display on storefronts, websites, and social media.

Image Credit: Amex Canada

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