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Wow Bao, the fast-casual Asian concept, is expanding its grocery presence across the United States. In partnership with Hissho Sushi, Wow Bao has grown to 1,000 units in over 30 states, including national chains and 300 additional regional locations set to open this summer. Wow Bao’s signature menu items, including steamed bao, potstickers, egg rolls, and rangoons, will be offered within the sushi/deli/fresh section of participating stores. Customers can search for the nearest Hissho Sushi location that sells Wow Bao on the Wow Bao website.

Thanks to the popularity of Wow Bao’s menu items, Hissho Sushi plans to expand locations offering Wow Bao and may add new menu items in the coming months. “We’re so excited to partner with a brand that is just as passionate about Asian-inspired foods as we are! This partnership allows us to provide both consumers and retailers with healthy and innovative meal options,” said Brian Kiel, COO of Hissho Sushi. Wow Bao’s expansion in grocery stores nationwide has made it a leader in craveable, Asian take & heat meals, according to Geoff Alexander, President & CEO of Wow Bao.

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