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Shortwave has introduced a new AI-powered summary feature to help get your email points across clearly and concisely. The functionality is free and under beta testing across all platforms and is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3. The business claims that the summary also performs well when translating emails from other languages.

Improved email categorization, time-based email grouping, referencing colleagues, pinned emails, and support for emoji and GIF answers are all features of Shortwave. Users can snooze or mark emails as done in the app as it handles emails like things on a to-do list.

“The new capabilities of large language models have swung the door wide open for new ways to interact with your inbox. At Shortwave, we aim to pave the way towards an AI-enabled email future, starting with Smart Summaries, launching today in beta,” it said in a blog post.

Image Credit: Shortwave

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