Infused Panamanian Rum Spirits : Sérum Mamie

Sérum Mamie has been announced as a new addition to the Panama-based brand’s product portfolio that’s perfect for aficionados to incorporate into their bar collection.

The spirit features a blend of Panamanian rums that are dark and aged to perfection, and include flavors such as cocoa, vanilla and coffee. The product thus maintains a round, creamy flavor profile with notes of honey and vanilla with chocolate and toffee to boot, which is finished off with a touch of cinnamon. Featuring a 40% ABV, the spirit has an affordable profile that makes it a great option for a wide cross-section of consumers to pick up.

Export Manager Stepan Stanek spoke on the Sérum Mamie spirit saying, “We created Mamie to be able to offer customers a smooth and enjoyable super-premium rum blend with an unmatched taste at an affordable price.”

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