Indoor Cycling Hubs : zwift hub

The ‘Zwift Hub’ is a smart trainer that lets you experience the world of Zwift indoor cycling. Zwift is a virtual cycling and running platform that connects you with other riders and runners around the globe. You can join events, races, workouts and training plans that suit your goals and fitness level. Zwift Hub has an automatic resistance system that simulates the gradient of the virtual road.

You’ll feel every climb and descent while the built-in power meter measures your pedal power in watts. Zwift Hub also comes with a pre-installed cassette to match the gears on your bike. You can choose from 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12-speed options at checkout. Zwift Hub is easy to set up and compatible with quick-release and Thru-axle bikes. It also connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth or ANT+. Whether you want to ride for fun, fitness or competition, Zwift Hub opens up the world of Zwift for you.

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