Spiced Single-Serve Cheeses : Mini Babybel Monterey Jack

The Babybel Mini Babybel Monterey Jack cheese is being launched by the brand as its first new flavor since 2014 that promises to provide a creamy, satisfying flavor for consumers of all ages to enjoy.

The cheese features a semi-soft profile that’s infused with Monterey Jack flavor for a touch of spice that works well with the slightly sweet flavor of the cheese. Featuring four-grams of protein per serving, the product is made with 100% real cheese and is being launched in 12-count packs priced at $7.99 in the US now.

Brand Director Melanie Nemoy spoke on the new Babybel Mini Babybel Monterey Jack cheese saying, “Consumers are at the heart of our business decisions, particularly when it comes to new product varieties or reformulations. We sought out their feedback to bring forward Monterey Jack and to improve the Mozzarella that you can try on shelves today.”

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