Plastic-Free Serum Sticks : face serum stick

Spinster Sisters’ Face Serum Stick with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C delivers hydration on the go without plastic packaging or water. The nourishing product gets its unique color from blue tansy oil, while other additions like candelilla wax and plant oils help to give the product is solid yet spreadable consistency.

To use this solid serum stick, the brand recommends that consumers swipe it over the face after cleansing (taking care to avoid the delicate eye area) and storing the product away from the heat in between uses.

The product is made in a microsoapery that’s wholly powered by wind and solar energy, and the packaging takes the form of a 100% FSC-Certified biodegradable tube. Solid serums are not only beneficial for reducing packaging waste—they’re chosen by consumers who want a convenient and mess-free way to apply their skincare at home and while traveling.

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