Heat-and-Eat Ramen Kits : heat and eat ramen

Ramen is one type of quick and easy meal that’s not difficult to come by but Crafty Ramen’s new Heat & Eat Ramen is bringing this affordable weeknight staple to freezer aisles across Canada. The kit contains Crafty Ramen’s house-made ingredients in solid puck form so that freshness and flavor are optimized. The puck is ready to be placed in a bowl and prepared in a matter of minutes so that anyone can appreciate high-quality ramen from the convenience of home.

There are a range of options for all, including chef-crafted meat and veggie choices that can be prepared on the stovetop or in the microwave. On this experience of ramen reimagined, Jared Ferrall, Crafty Ramen co-founder and executive chef, says “We’re changing the way that people think about ramen ─ it can be both convenient and high-quality.”

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