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BelGioioso Cheese keeps expanding its snacking, pre-sliced alternatives, and grated and shredded line to provide customers with more practical cheese options. The business has added a blueberry-flavored cheese to its Artigiano range.

Convenience is important in the consumer and foodservice market, and BelGioioso has new goods in tune with this idea. ‘Provolone Snacking Bites,’ a 3-pack ‘Provolone & Salame Roll,’ pre-sliced ‘Scamorza-Rella,’ and giant cups of grated and shredded cheeses were recently released by the firm.

“Brands like BelGioioso provide consumers with the flavors and quality they can trust,” Jamie Wichlacz, marketing public relations manager, commented. “Once they taste one cheese, they become curious about the company. Once they know who we are and hear our story, we see that it provides consumers a confidence to try another variety of BelGioioso, resulting in more sales at retail.”

Image Credit: BelGioioso Cheese

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