Elevated Garden-Filled Buildings : cloud 11

Architecture studio Snøhetta designs the Cloud 11 building in Bangkok, which is a large glazed building complete with commercial, cultural, and hospitality spaces. The studio wanted to create public green spaces, which are rare to find in the city. It will feature pocket parks and gardens on elevated spaces, with a notable central lawn that will be the largest in Thailand.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, founding partner at Snøhetta “We have had the opportunity to not only create a building but a new neighborhood in the center of Bangkok. An urban artifact providing a thriving place for culture and creation, and green public spaces that will improve the quality of life for people living in the South Sukhumvit are. With an increasing number of people moving into urban areas, it is crucial to develop communities fit to accommodate the needs of the future cities in a sustainable way, both socially and environmentally.”

Image Credit: Snøhetta

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