Elegant Geometric Light Fixtures : geometric light fixture

Many contemporary designers embrace the concept of the geometric light fixture as a way to create sophisticated aesthetics with a sense of precision, minimalism, and even subtle playfulness. The Composition Lights are an excellent example of elegant geometric light fixtures. The silhouettes were designed by the Icelandic professional Theodora Alfredsdottir for FÓLK Reykjavik. The models are described as “a pure and simple narrative told through sharp structures and textures.”

The geometric light fixtures include two silhouettes—one for the wall and one for a table. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, the pieces draw attention to themselves with their honest use of materials. For her creations, Alfredsdottir employed two natural materials—namely marble and aluminum. Throughout the design process, sustainable sourcing was employed.

Image Credit: FÓLK Reykjavik

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