Canned QSR-Made Chilis : Wendys 1

Wendy’s famous chili, offered across 6,000 U.S. locations, is now arriving at grocery and supermarkets in a canned form. Wendy’s Chili was recently announced as a part of Conagra Brands’ 2023 range of goods, allowing consumers to experience the QSR brand’s iconic menu offering from the comfort of their homes. Considering that the product already has a listing on Instacart with nutritional information accessible, it may launch sooner rather than later.

Chili was among its menu offerings when the fast food chain opened its doors in 1969. The dish has continued to be available ever since. According to the product imagery, Wendy’s chili contains beef, beans, tomato, and onions and offers 29g of protein per can. The cans will be sold in 15-ounce sizes with a total of 470 calories.

Image Credit: Conagra Brands

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