Artist-Styled Nostalgic Lookbooks : archival fashion design

The reimagining of archival fashion designs is quite popular amongst contemporary brands as this approach gives them a chance to tug at consumer nostalgia while building new ways to collaborate with other companies. A recent example of the reimagining of archival fashion designs comes from AURALEE and New Balance. Working with New Balance’s Tokyo Design Studio, AURALEE “offered a distinct, modern spin on six archived NB pieces.” The capsule is called the “NB Archive Remastered by AURALEE x TDS” collection and it is expected to drop on March 3rd, 2023.

As part of this partnership, AURALEE and Tokyo Design Studio enlisted independent artists from around the world to sport the new reimagined capsule in a lookbook and visual campaign called ‘RE-VISIT.’

Image Credit: AURALEE x New Balance, hypebeast,

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