AI-Generated Motorbike Helmets : coldstar art

Instagram user Coldstar Art unveils a new range of futuristic designs that are inspired by popular cinematic superheroes from varying universes. Notably, these have been generated from artificial intelligent technology and start off with themes drawn from Hasbro’s Transformers.

There is a Bumblebee helmet and a Megatron helmet — both of which are detailed with the tonal and design language. The Bumblebee iteration features black and yellow and the latter has elements of Decepticon. Following this are designs that honor the MCU with a Punisher helmet, a Deadpool helmet, and more. The Punisher sees its logo with grill lines, evoking an exoskeletal visual. The Deadpool helmet has a red and black palette with familiar eye cutouts.

Image Credit: Coldstar Art

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