Vintage Ski-Inspired Fashion Collections : 1970s ski culture

For its Autumn/Winter 2023 capsule, contemporary fashion brand Filippa K references 1970s ski culture. The luxury label embraces Werner Herzog’s 1974 documentary The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver as a starting point. The cult-favorite film follows Walter Steiner as he attempts to break the world record for ski flying. Filippa K Creative Director Liisa Kessler was inspired by “Steiner’s own small moments of true liberation” and sought to capture these ethereal sensibilities.

The silhouettes in Filippa K’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection transform 1970s ski culture into the contemporary moment. The pieces exude a sense of glamour and elegance with crushed fabrics, transparent layers, and an appropriate glacial palette. Throughout, the clothing emphasizes lightness and movement while catching the eye of style-minded individuals. Alongside the new capsule, Filippa K also introduces a new seasonal handwritten monogram.

Image Credit: Filippa K

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