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Ground Up Nut Butters is a woman-owned business that specializes in unique and delicious flavored nut butters and most recently, the brand partnered with health and wellness expert Liz Moody for an exciting new launch. Having debuted on February 16th, the Strawberry Black Pepper Nut Butter is a cashew and macadamia blend with sweet and savory notes. Sure to delight consumers, the product is described as “deliciously spreadable.” The flavored nut butter is peanut-free and does not contain any oils or refined sugars. The Ground Up x Liz Moody collab is sweetened by a touch of honey. The recipe includes swirls of freeze-dried strawberries and the indulgence is well-balanced by the heat of the black pepper and the finishing touches of the flaky sea salt.

Image Credit: Ground Up Nut Butters

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