Psychedelic Flower Print Chairs : Psychedelic Flower Print Chairs

Apparel brand Brain Dead and family-operated furniture company Modernica unveiled a new chair collection including psychedelic flower prints and checkered logo headprints. Modernica is known for its fiberglass chairs and artists and designers on a global scale form Brain Dead. The two brands have collaborated before on a Headcase coffee table.

The furniture collection consists of two side-shell Eiffel chairs with different designs. The checked logo headprints chair has a black-and-white head logo design with a matching side table. The psychedelic flower print chair with metallic silver legs contains different crooked faces on each psychedelic flower print. The colorways of the psychedelic flower prints are red, green, yellow, pink, and violet. The chairs are currently available for purchase and are priced at $1065.

Image Credit: Brain Dead, hypebeast, hypebeast, hypebeast

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