Child-Resistant PET Bottles : pet bottles

Berry Global Healthcare has debuted new child-resistant PET bottles for pharmaceutical syrups and liquid herbal medicines. Customers can customize the bottle and appropriate closure with liners and dosing cups to fulfill their specific application. Certain bottles can be created using 100% food-grade recycled PET to assist businesses that want to prioritize sustainability.

The new range of packaging arrives in sizes from 20mL to 1,000mL. PET bottles are a great packaging choice for healthcare items because of their strength and low weight. These qualities make them break-resistant, secure, and easy to handle during transportation while providing an optimal barrier against oxygen and moisture ingress.

“We had a very positive reaction from visitors to our stand,” commented Nadine Khoury, senior strategic marketing manager, Berry Healthcare. “In particular, the extensive choice of bottles and closures was very appealing as it enables us to provide individual customers with the best option to meet their needs.”

Image Credit: Berry Global Healthcare

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