Aesthetically Pleasing Yoga Weights : helix weights

The Helix Weights are one of B Yoga’s offerings for enhancing one’s yoga workout. Sold in a set of two (each weighing three pounds), the Helix Weights feature a curved shape with a cast iron interior and a silicone-covered exterior for comfort. The product is specifically designed for taking one’s practice to the next level but B Yoga took care in also developing an aesthetic that consumers “won’t want to hide in the closet.” Thus, the Helix Weights effortlessly balance a style with contemporary sensibilities and functionality. In addition to the soft silicone exterior that promises a comfortable and secure grip, the weights are also shaped to fit comfortably in one’s hand.

The Helix Weights by B Yoga are available in two neutral colorways that exude a minimalist aesthetic—black and beige.

Image Credit: B Yoga

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