Classic Retro Shelving Dividers : pira g2

String Furniture presents its new Pira G2 modular shelving system that also functions as a divider in modern spaces as well. It features a flexible design language with contemporary details and it is made by Swedish architect Nisse Strinning in collaboration with Kajsa Strinning back in 1949 originally. The look is relatively retained this time around with space for organizing and displaying items.

The company dives into its archives to refresh the look updated by architect Anna con Schewen and industrial designer Björn Dahlström. The revived iteration was unveiled during this year’s Stockholm Furniture Festival. Björn Dahlström speaks about the new look, “The ambition was never to design a retro-style piece of furniture, but rather to embrace the core idea behind the original PIRA and create a taller, wider version.”

Image Credit: String Furniture

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