Beer-Battered Fish Sandwiches : Beer Battered Cod Sandwich

The Lenten season is here and Roy Rogers Restaurants has expanded beyond its usual range of burgers, roast beef, and chicken to include a new Beer Battered Cod Sandwich.

The new sandwich starts with a high-quality natural cod fillet bathed in a Yuengling beer batter. The fish is then topped with tartar sauce and American cheese, and served on a corn-dusted Kaiser roll. The idea is that the fish-based offering gives consumers a seafood alternative to nosh on during the Lenten season. As Adam Klaers, Executive Vice President at Roy Rogers Restaurants, explains, “The Yuengling Beer Battered Cod Sandwich was a fan-favorite during this time last year, so we will continue to provide that offering, along with additional limited time offers, for our Royalists.”

Image Credit: Roy Rogers Restaurants

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