Pickled Okra Salad Toppers : Pickled Okra

Salata is giving consumers even more ways to customize their salad creations with the debut of three new toppings, including Pickled Okra.

Starting on Wednesday, March 1st, Salata customers will be able to choose from a trio of new salad toppers: Pickles, Pickled Okra, and Spicy Giardiniera. Known as ‘the Pickled Trio,’ these new toppers are brined in vinegar and spices to add a tangy taste, added crunch, and additional flavor complexity. As Josh Graber, Culinary Development Director at Salata Salad Kitchen, explains, “Pickled items are a top food trend for 2023, and we feel confident our guests will fall in love with the Pickled Trio based on their reaction to our pickled okra that was offered as a limited time topping a few years ago and became one of our most popular LTO toppings.”

Image Credit: Salata

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