Paper-Made Detergent Packaging : Tesco laundry pods

The Tesco laundry pods are no longer being packaged in plastic tubs as part of the brand’s commitment to reducing its plastic use and prioritizing more sustainable alternatives. The laundry detergent pods packaging will now be crafted out of recyclable cardboard that’s easy to recycle once empty and will help to save 252-tonnes of plastic on an annual basis. The packaging is also made with more than 90% recycled cardboard and has an FSC-certified profile.

Tesco Group Quality Director Sarah Bradbury spoke on the updated Tesco laundry pods packaging saying, “Customers are focused on getting great value right now, but we know that they still want to choose products that use less or no plastic in their packaging. This is one of many changes we’re making to reduce unnecessary plastic from products right across our stores.”

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