Modernized Quilted Outerwear : AETHER Alto Jacket

The AETHER Alto Jacket is a new take on a classic outerwear style that’s perfect for wearers to incorporate into their wardrobe as a way to maintain comfort between seasons. The jacket features a box-quilted matte construction that’s inspired by English outerwear styles and is thus a sophisticated garment perfect for adding texture to any outfit. The outerwear style features 100-grams of PrimaLoft GOLD insulation in the body with an additional 133-grams of PrimaLoft GOLD at the collar for enhancing warmth in a lightweight way.

The AETHER Alto Jacket is priced at $525 and comes backed by a lifetime warranty to reinforce the durable nature of the garment. The timeless style also ensures it will last through any season without looking out of place.

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