Gamified Music-Making Machines : Beat Machine

The ‘Beat Machine’ from EndlessFM is a gamified take on music making equipment perfect for adding in a decidedly more fun experience when created music from the studio. The unit maintains the look and feel of a classic arcade game, but is equipped with a range of buttons and an interface that provides an array of choices for customizing the experience. The unit delivers a wide range of built-in sounds perfect for a range of genres and also features its own dedicated speaker system.

The ‘Beat Machine’ is limited to 25 of the Launch Edition units, which are available now for preorder for $9,999.

Founder Tim Exile spoke on their special edition units saying, “It’s an opportunity for 25 people to receive the first ever Beat Machines, be part of the genesis story and support us in our mission to transform music from a product we consume alone to an activity we gather to do – online, in real life, in real time.”

Image Credit: EndlesssFM

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