Flavor-Infused Dairy Products : Minerva Dairy

Minerva Dairy has announced two new additions to its product portfolio that are perfect for consumers to use in their favorite recipes to enhance flavor and more. The products include oil and flavor-infused organic butters that will deliver exceptional taste and quality in any recipe. The brand has said that it is one of only a few manufacturers that can produce at-scale olive oil-infused butters in four-ounce sticks, which are a great alternative option for shoppers to pick up individually.

Fifth-Generation Co-Owner Venae Watts spoke on the new Minerva Dairy products saying, “We’ve seen the growing popularity of spreadable butters in grocers’ dairy cases, and the versatility of butter options in general. This expansion into organic, oil-infused spreadable butter for private label clients and ourselves helps keep Minerva Dairy at the forefront of what customers want.”

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