Camera-Mounted Battery Adapters : power junkie v2

Blind Spot, a company that specializes in camera gear, has launched the ‘Power Junkie V2,’ the second version of its popular Power Junkie on Kickstarter. The device is designed to provide power to small electronic devices and, more specifically, cameras, and has been updated based on user feedback. The new version now includes an on/off switch and the ability to turn off indicator lights. It also features 100W USB Power Delivery (PD) with a maximum output of 34W shared across each of its outputs.

The Power Junkie V2 uses an NP battery and distributes power through three different taps, including a USB-C PD, DC 8.4V, and the new DC 12V. It also has two taps that can be used with cables and adapters to power many devices other than cameras, as long as the device is compatible with the output on the Power Junkie V2.

The Power Junkie V2 retails for $89 and is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter for $59, a 30% discount. While this is crowdfunding, the device is almost sure to be released, as the company has proven its trust on the site in the past. Additionally, the estimated shipping date is in March, which is very soon.

Image Credit: Blind Spot

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