Athlete-Inspired Salad Bowls : Justin Medeiros’ Salad Bowl

Chipotle is celebrating the start of the 2023 CrossFit open season with the launch of Justin Medeiros’ Salad Bowl.

For those unfamiliar, Justin Medeiros is a professional CrossFit athlete best known for winning the 2021 and 2022 CrossFit Games. Justin Medeiros’ Salad Bowl is inspired by the athlete’s go-to order, which consists of salad lettuce, extra white rice, black beans, a double portion of chicken, tomatillo-green chili salsa, guacamole, and queso blanco. The result is a hearty meal that’s big on protein from the chicken and beans, but also full of flavor thanks to the addition of tomatillo-green chili salsa and queso blanco.

Perfectly timed for the start of the 2023 CrossFit open season, Justin Medeiros’ Salad Bowl is available now from participating Chipotle locations nationwide, but only for a limited time.

Image Credit: Chipotle

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