Athlete-Approved Restaurant Meals : Justin Medeiros’ Salad Bowl

The Chipotle Justin Medeiros Salad Bowl has been announced in celebration of the 2023 CrossFit open season to help athletes alike fuel up before or after a workout. The salad is inspired by the athlete’s usual order, and includes salad lettuce with extra white rice, black beans, two portions of chicken, medium green salsa, guacamole and queso. The salad comes in at 1,280 calories to make it a great option for athletes who need a protein-rich meal to meet their nutrition needs.

The Chipotle Justin Medeiros Salad Bowl is being offered for a limited time only at participating locations nationwide. The co-branded menu item is sure to be a must-try amongst Medeiros and avid CrossFit fans alike.

Image Credit: Chipotle

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