Upcycled Vegan Meats : vegan meat

Oftentimes, there are a lot of plant-based ingredients that go into creating vegan meat but Planetarians has perfected and simplified its ingredient list two just two upcycled ingredients.

The California-based company will soon be opening its first commercial facility, where it will make vegan meat using just two upcycled ingredients. Planetarians’ soy flakes come from the vegetable oil industry and this ingredient helps to give the vegan meat its chewy texture. The other ingredient is spent brewers yeast, a fermented product that allows for the creation of a variety of whole-cut vegan meats.

With its first full-scale commercial facility, Planetarians will be serving hospitality companies, schools, senior care facilities and other institutional food service providers. Planetarians’ pilot product, Planet Ribs, are not only meat-like, they have a lighter footprint and half of the calories of their animal-based counterparts.

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