Tomato Stem-Based Boxes : corrugated cardboard 1

The Pulp and Paper Institute in Slovenia has developed a new corrugated cardboard made from tomato stems, demonstrating the importance of the circular economy. The tomato stems were sourced locally and transformed into liner and fluting papers suitable for use in corrugated board. The Institute produced the papers on a paper machine and then tested the production of corrugated cardboard, which is currently being optimized based on mechanical properties.

This innovation is fully recyclable, biodegradable, and safe for food contact. As a product manufactured for the first time in Slovenia and the wider region, the Institute is advancing the development of its own CIP brand of papers and boards. By supporting local circular stories and stakeholders with agro residues and other sources of lignocellulosic biomass, the Institute is enhancing its more than 70-year tradition of innovative cellulose products.

This development highlights the importance of sustainable practices and local sourcing, particularly in the paper industry, which traditionally relies on wood-based materials. Using agro residues and other biomass sources presents a viable alternative to reduce waste and environmental impact while supporting local communities.

Image Credit: Slovenian Pulp and Paper Institute

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