Sleek Celebrity-Backed Eyeglasses : patrick dempsey

Porsche has partnered with its brand ambassador Patrick Dempsey to release a new eyewear collection. Patrick Dempsey and Porsche Design share the initials “PD,” which are featured on two new designs in the collection. The series mixes high-grade carbon materials, utility, and stylish design. The prescription frames arrive in grey/black or gold/black, while the sunglasses come in black/grey/blue and black/gray color schemes. There have only been 1,500 of each color and style created.

“Porsche has always held a special place in my life,” Dempsey commented. “Whether as a racing driver or co-owner of a racing team, the brand exudes a special passion and performance for me that I have always felt connected to. This is precisely why I value Porsche Design as a brand for the highest quality and functionality.”

Image Credit: Porsche

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