Silver Sculpted Headphones : Sculpted Headphones

St. Petersburg-based creative Gleb Kostin and Hong Kong-based designer Offgod are collaborating again to release an AirPods Max sculpted headphones attachment in .925 sterling silver that features Gleb Kostin’s “nobody” characters. This marks the second time both individuals have collaborated, and the first one featured the AirPods Max custom sculptural attachments of Offgod’s Bandage Boy character and Gleb Kostin’s Bunny Boy character.

This new collaboration includes two single-figure attachments titled “THINKING MAN” and “MAN WITH A CASE.” It portrays silver sculpted characters clinging off the sides. In addition, there are three large sculptures called “ONE MAN FALLING,” “BLOWN AWAY,” and “MANY PEOPLE,” which are clipped onto the ear cups. The .solutions x Offgod headphones are currently available and are priced ranging from $390 to $3,890.

Image Credit: Gleb Kostin/Offgod, hypebeast, hypebeast

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