Pocket-Sized Tequila Cocktails : pocket of paradise

Pocket of Paradise canned cocktails by Pimentae are pre-mixed, ready-to-drink tequila cocktails that offer “the perfect pocket-sized serve.” The 125ml cans are ready to enjoy in varieties like Tommy’s Spicy Margarita and Cucumber & Elderflower Eclipse, which make it easier to take the brand’s bottled products on the go.

Pimentae was awarded Master and Silver medals for both of its bottled cocktails in the DB & SB Spring Blind Tasting 2022, so consumers can rest assured that the portable formats are top-notch.

The launch of these RTD cocktails marks the first time that the brand is venturing outside of its bottled offerings and as female co-founders Alice Parmiter and Wynter Karo say, “This has been in the works for us for a long time and opens Pimentae up to an entirely new consumer base and retail partners.”

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